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83% Off Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond | Udemy Review & Coupon

83% Off Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond | Udemy Review & Coupon

Gain proficiency in Modern C++ Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and STL. C++14 and C++17 are included. C++20 info see below.

This course covers:

Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond is a comprehensive online course designed for learners of all levels. This course provides 46 hours of on-demand video, 45 coding exercises, assignments, 2 articles and 75 downloadable resources to help you understand and practice C++ programming. It also includes access on mobile and TV so that you can learn wherever you are. After finishing the course, learners will be awarded a certificate.

What you'll learn

C++ is widely recognized as a powerful and widely utilized programming language. This course teaches programming with C++ starting from the basics and covering advanced concepts like inheritance and polymorphic functions. The instructor for this course has designed objectives that will not only help you understand every aspect of C++, but also other programming languages. For example, learning key concepts of programing that are common between languages like memory management, class structure, selections and loops will apply everywhere you go when learning new languages.

The main focus while taking this course is to learn Modern C++ rather than an obsolete version of it that many other courses teach. This ensures that your knowledge will not become outdated prior to obtaining a job in the industry. By having access to comprehensive materials from top instructors, small quizzes throughout each lesson format that promote better understanding and acquiring coding skills needed to succeed in today's job market, you're sure to gain a deeper understanding in C++ Programming as well as all its elements after taking this class.

About the author

Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy

The Learn Programming Academy is a unique and inspiring approach to teaching programming that focuses on real-world industry experience. Founded by software developer Tim Buchalka with over 35 years of experience, the academy's main goal is to teach up to one million people how to program within three years. At the moment, Learn Programming looks to instructor professionals who are experienced software developers and great teachers in order to give students the most effective lessons possible.

Furthermore, Tim has created a number of courses for his academy which are all taught him him himself. The company aims to enhance its expertise by hiring professionals with knowledge in various areas including C#, Java, Python, and Android development. In doing so, they’ll be able to provide precise guidance for every type of programming enthusiast no matter their level. With its focus on finding real world solutions and use cases for programming while keeping the courses up-to-date with modern standards, this academy serves as an excellent resource point for anyone curious about programming.

Dr. Frank Mitropoulos

Frank Mitropoulos has extensive experience in computer science and information technology, spanning over 30 years. 

Frank has a vast teaching experience at the university level, instructing numerous courses to a large number of undergraduate and graduate students in both traditional and online formats. Frank has taught professional seminars for private corporations such as Motorola, IBM, GE, American Express, Logica, and many others.

Frank has both teaching experience and 12 years of work in industry, where he was involved in application, compiler, and operating systems development, as well as project management.

In 2014, Frank was among a group of 13 professors who were invited by Apple to Apple Headquarters to discuss teaching strategies using Apple development tools.

In addition to their roles as a full professor, trainer, and mentor. Frank works as a consultant in Mobile Application Development, Game Design, and Machine Learning. He also helps technology companies as a technical interviewer for applicants in intermediate and senior level IT positions.

Frank has experience developing computer games and has used various gaming frameworks such as LibGDX, Corona, Cocos2DX, SpriteKit, SceneKit, Unity, and Unreal.

Frank's academic specialty is Aspect-Oriented programming and he is highly regarded in the field with numerous publications in that area of computer science.

Frank has both real-world and academic experience to enhance your learning experience and make it productive, relevant, and enjoyable.


C++ is a widely recognized programming language that is highly regarded among software developers. It is often preferred in large-scale projects because of its flexibility and power, making it a popular choice among experienced programmers. Furthermore, C++ commands respect amongst engineers in the software development industry. An individual with C++ proficiency on their resume will be likely to receive job interviews from prospective employers due to its impressive capabilities and universal recognition.

C++ also enjoys ongoing stability as a highly sought-after programming language by both users and developers alike. Indeed, when analyzing the volume of search traffic online, this multi-paradigm language is routinely ranked in the top 5 languages by popularity. Remarkably, C++ has remained heavily relied upon for close to 20 years despite the magnitude of competitors joining or surpassing it in quality or convenience. This solidified standing reflects C++’s suitability for modern development workflows along with its versatility across development teams and organizations of all sizes.


Meeting the minimum computer requirements for a given task or application is a vital part of the process. To complete most code development and software installation tasks, access to a personal computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux is necessary. This includes a range of programming languages and packages designed for specific applications.

Users can download and install additional software they may need for their work by accessing one of these operating systems. This can include text editors, compilers, debuggers and other related tools. Additionally, many popular web browsers, email clients and cloud storage solutions require specific versions of operating systems in order to properly function. For those needing help with installation or configuration issues, support staff may be available depending on the service or product in question. Ensuring compatibility between hardware devices and software programs is an important step towards successful management of any given project.

This course is intended for:

This course is suitable for individuals interested in acquiring foundational knowledge of programming with C++. The course is designed to accommodate individuals with no prior coding experience and covers the fundamental aspects of programming, including variables, operators, flow control statements, and classes. This will provide you with a solid base and enable you to acquire the essential skills for writing code in C++.

Learning C++ can expand career opportunities, particularly in fields such as game development or software engineering where the language is often used. While it is possible to learn on your own online, having an instructional course puts structure around your learning process and pays off in the long run with better results. This course teaches sound coding practices that will help make you a more effective programmer while also giving you confidence when working on real-world projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you understand the potential career benefits of learning C++?

If companies are increasingly adopting C++, it is logical to expect an increased demand for C++ programmers.

One of the reasons programmers should consider learning C++ is its powerful capabilities.

Could you please clarify the meaning of powerful?

C++ is a programming language that combines both procedure and object-oriented programming, which makes it highly versatile and effective.

It has the ability to easily scale. Additionally, it can be easily carried.

C++ has capabilities that set it apart from other programming languages.

This is why almost every major language has a means of interacting with code written in C++.

Because of the significant influence of C++, it is highly probable that you will encounter elements from C++ in new languages you learn.

What are some resources for learning C++ for beginners?

Finding a reputable C++ course taught by an experienced instructor who possesses the necessary teaching skills is essential.

Frank Mitropolous, the instructor in this course, has extensive experience using C++ for over 20 years and has taught students in academic and professional settings. He also worked on a C++ compiler development project during his time in the industry.

In addition to learning C++ from an experienced programmer, you will also be taught by an instructor with a successful background in university-level teaching.

By taking this course, you can have confidence in learning C++ correctly and efficiently.

What version of C++ should I learn?

C++ has undergone several version releases and updates throughout its history. Many C++ courses do not cover Modern C++ and instead focus on outdated versions of the language.

Frank provides instruction on Modern C++ programming, specifically focusing on C++ 14 and C++17.

Learn C++ using Modern C++ techniques in this course taught by Frank.

What are the updates on C++20? Do I also need to learn about that?

This course covers C++14 and C++17 and remains applicable if you eventually want to learn C++20.

C++20 is a new version, and currently C++20 compilers and tools are not widely used in the industry, which still primarily relies on C++14. Learning C++20 may not be beneficial at the moment since it is not widely used in the industry.

The industry will require several years to transition to C++20, resulting in a delay in the availability of C++20 job opportunities.

There are currently many job opportunities for Modern C++ developers, and you will acquire the necessary skills in this course.

We recommend focusing on learning Modern C++ and not getting overly concerned with the latest versions of C++.

Even for those interested in learning C++20, it is important to note that the new features primarily consist of advanced concepts that build upon a solid understanding of Modern C++.

Without learning the basics, it is unlikely to achieve mastery in any version of C++.

Learning the foundations of Modern C++ should be a priority, which will be taught in this course.

Is learning C++ challenging?

C++ is recognized for its power and flexibility, although it can also be intricate.

What distinguishes this C++ course from other courses?

The course will cover Modern C++. Some courses on Udemy may teach outdated versions of C++. Learning the Modern version of C++ is essential for maximizing career opportunities and staying up to date with current skills.

The course format includes theory and concepts that are further enhanced with live code examples. The C++ debugger is commonly used to navigate through code and examine variables in order to better understand C++ behavior. The instructor uses a pen tablet to write on the screen and provide additional visual explanations.

Frank, your instructor, has extensive industry and training experience, making him the best choice for C++ training.


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Milivoj P
I thought this was an excellent course.

There are a variety of topics and challenging exercises available. The instruction is easily understandable. I would also suggest taking a course on C to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the inherited features.

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