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82% Off Practice Exams | AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Practice Exams | AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate | Udemy Review & Coupon

Get ready for your SAA-C03 exam with 390 practice test questions that are high-quality and include detailed explanations, all written from scratch.


This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam preparation course is designed to help individuals prepare for their SAA-C03 exam with a wide range of practice tests. With six full-length mock exams, students have access to 390 high-quality questions with detailed explanations. The course comes with full lifetime access on mobile and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. The instructor, Stephane Maarek, is a solutions architect and consultant with a particular interest in Big Data, Cloud, and API. He is a multiple times best-selling instructor on Udemy for his courses on AWS and Apache Kafka. Abhishek, another instructor on this course, has built successful SaaS and consumer solutions using AWS services since 2012. With their expertise, students can acquire hands-on experience and knowledge on architectural principles, essential topics, technical requirements, AWS-based applications, and more. This course provides a vital resource for anyone aiming to pass their AWS certification exam while building up their cloud skills.


The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate SAA-C03 practice tests are designed to give you an edge when it comes to preparing for the actual exam. These tests are based on the most recent exam format and have been crafted based on feedback from over 300,000 students. As such, these practice tests provide top-quality exam strategies and emulate closely what you will likely encounter during the real test.

To ensure that learners understand the topics covered in the tests, each question comes with detailed explanations at the end of each set. The explanations provide an overview of each topic area but also offer reference links to AWS documentation as well as rationale on why one option is correct or incorrect compared to another. Plus, this entire suite is mobile compatible allowing you to review anywhere anytime with your smartphone!

Are you studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 exam? This practice exams course can provide you with an advantage.

The practice exams were created by Stephane Maarek and Abhishek Singh, both of whom have passed 20 AWS Certifications and bring their combined experience to the project.

The questions have a similar tone and format to the actual exam. In addition to thorough explanations and exam alerts, AWS documentation has been heavily utilized to ensure comprehensive coverage of all domains tested in the SAA-C03 exam.

This course is designed to prepare you to pass the AWS certification exam with confidence. You can have confidence in our process, as you are in capable hands.

All of the questions were created without any pre-existing material. Additional questions are continuously being included. There are testimonials available from our students who have successfully passed the real exam.

The quality of something can be evident on its own.


The flagship application of a social gaming startup is hosted on a group of EC2 servers situated behind an Elastic Load Balancer. The servers are included in an Auto Scaling Group. At 6 pm every day, 90% of the users begin logging into the system and continue until midnight. The startup's engineering team has noted a noticeable decrease in performance during the hour of 6 pm to 7 pm. The application can resume normal functioning afterwards.

As a solutions architect, what steps would be recommended to address the performance bottleneck during the initial hour of a traffic spike?

To set up your Auto Scaling group, create a scheduled action that starts prior to 6 pm. The scale-out occurs prior to the 6 pm peak traffic.

To configure your Auto Scaling group, create a lifecycle hook that initiates prior to 6 pm. The scale-out occurs prior to the anticipated peak traffic at 6 pm.

To set up your Auto Scaling group, establish a target tracking policy. The scale-out occurs prior to the onset of peak traffic at 6 pm.

To set up your Auto Scaling group, create a step scaling policy. The scale-out is triggered prior to 6 pm, when peak traffic is expected.

Can you provide your prediction? Please scroll below for the answer.

Correct: 1.

The Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group is programmed to execute scaling actions at designated times. When creating a scheduled scaling action, the user sets a start time for when the action will occur, as well as the new minimum, maximum, and desired sizes for the scaling. The engineering team has the ability to schedule a daily action before 6pm, making it the appropriate choice.

Auto Scaling group lifecycle hooks provide the ability to execute customized actions during instance launch or termination. Tasks such as software installation and configuration on new instances, or retrieval of log files before instance termination, can be performed. Lifecycle hooks may not be the most suitable option for this particular scenario.

Target tracking scaling policies involve selecting a scaling metric and defining a target value. Application Auto Scaling is responsible for the creation and management of CloudWatch alarms that activate scaling policies, and it calculates scaling adjustments based on metrics and target values.

Step scaling involves selecting scaling metrics and threshold values for CloudWatch alarms that initiate the scaling process, along with specifying how the scalable target should be scaled when a breach occurs for a designated number of evaluation periods.

Both the target tracking and step scaling policies involve a delay in which instances are only provisioned when the CloudWatch alarms are triggered. Performance lag may still occur at certain times during the first hour.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for those who want to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 exam. It will provide them with the knowledge and confidence they need to pass this challenging certification, as well as helping to ensure success in their career path. This comprehensive course covers all topics related to the exam and goes beyond. It provides practice quizzes, hands-on labs, real-world examples, and an explanation of key concepts on each topic.

This course is also valuable for IT professionals who want to gauge their AWS knowledge for upcoming job interviews or promotions. Having a current understanding of this technology can make a difference in landing a job or promotion. This course gives professionals the resources they need to stay competitive and gain the edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive world of technology. Finally, anyone looking to take their salary and career to a whole new level with an AWS certification will benefit from this course as well, allowing them access to more opportunities and higher salaries than ever before.


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