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82% Off Anatomy and Character Creation in Blender | Udemy Review & Coupon

82% Off Anatomy and Character Creation in Blender | Udemy Review & Coupon

Learn about the Human Anatomy and how to create realistic characters using Blender.

The course includes:

This 75-hour on-demand video course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and character creation in Blender. This course offers students guidance on how to construct realistic 3D characters with accurate anatomy, proportions, and details. It covers topics such as mesh editing, sculpting, rigging and skinning, texturing, shading, rendering and animation.

The course provides five downloadable resources to help get students up to speed with the software, including character model sheets, Blender tools, and tutorials. Upon completion of the course, you will be issued a Certificate of Course Completion.

What will be learned

Learning about muscles, bones, and fat is essential to being able to create realistic characters. This is why it’s important to understand the skeletal system and all of the individual muscles that show on the surface. Through this knowledge, you can identify each one and learn how they connect (origin and insertion). Additionally, by understanding the proportions of muscles, bones, and fat as it relates to genders, you can gain valuable ability when sculpting your character from scratch.

Recognizing what makes a character convincing comes through studying anatomy. Being able to properly recognize muscle connections like origin and insertion will allow you to craft lifelike figures with believable features. With a strong understanding of anatomy, you will also be able to determine which characteristics are gender-specific such as body proportion ratios or facial features in order for your characters to look more life-like and accurate. This can enhance any artwork coming from a digital artist’s pipeline immensely by providing life-like realism down to the most minute detail.

Developing techniques to create a lifelike human skin representation.

Discover how to construct hairstyles by utilizing sculpting tools and geometry nodes.

You can learn how to combine and improve renders.

About the author

Victory3D LLC is a company that focuses on offering tutorials and reliable education with an emphasis on the art of animation. Our mission revolves around empowering individuals to pursue their dreams while making money. We believe that industries need people with experience, effective teaching, and student interaction in order to provide high quality learning experiences.

Our affordable tutorials are easy to understand and have been created by talented professionals from companies such as Ubisoft, Blizzard, Gameloft, MPC and Double Negative. With an emphasis on delivering tutorials for 3D animation and VFX, Victory3D provides students with accessible ways to explore these topics in depth without breaking the bank. 


Having access to the appropriate software is necessary for creating three-dimensional models with a pleasing visual impact, and Blender 3.3 is suitable for this purpose. This latest version of Blender includes all the features you would expect from a powerful 3D modeling package like editable vertex normals, particle system improvements, new procedural texture nodes, and many more useful tools. Not only that, but it also has an incredibly user-friendly interface allowing beginner 3D modelers to quickly get up and running without needing to spend hours memorizing difficult controls.


The course titled "Understanding the Human Anatomy" by Corazon Bryant will help aspiring 3D artists improve their abilities to create realistic characters.

This course aims to give students a thorough understanding of the underlying structure of the human body, something that many people struggle with while trying to make appealing 3D models. Expressing the details of the anatomy accurately through 3D modeling is one of the first steps of improving character design and Corazon Bryant offers her professional guidance on how to improve this skill.

Corazon has extensive experience in both 3D artistry and education, providing personalized advice tailored to each student's individual goals for advancement in this regard. The goal of this course is to help every artist create realistic looking characters that possess an accurate anatomy. Each class in the course will go into great detail about all aspects of facial features, muscles, joints, and other components that make up a realistic looking character. Students can expect an increased level of confidence and refinement in their artistry after successfully completing this comprehensive program.

If your character design is not satisfactory, it could indicate that you have yet to gain proficiency in understanding human anatomy. If you have not been able to create a realistic character despite several attempts, this could be due to the lack of understanding of the structural features of the human body. Her name is Corazon Bryant. She is a professional 3D artist and educator. This course will provide an in-depth examination of human anatomy.

We will begin by studying the anatomy of the body's bones. Knowing the bony landmarks allows us to make connections between muscles and gain insight into their form. Acquiring knowledge of the skeletal system facilitates our efforts to create a realistic human figure.

We will learn about the muscles that can be seen on the skin surface. By understanding the start and end points of each muscle, we can ensure accurate placement when we are creating our sculptures. It is essential to identify the correct attachment points of a character when sculpting it, whether you are referencing existing images or designing a creation out of your imagination, as incorrect proportions will result in an unrealistic portrayal.

We will explore proportions and how male and female bodies are distinct. I will demonstrate the correct approach to studying anatomy so you can achieve successful outcomes. By analyzing the surface forms in real photos, we can gain a better understanding of what we are drawing or carving, allowing us to create more accurately with intention and accuracy.

Once we have a thorough comprehension of human anatomy, we will use that knowledge to assemble a character from the outset. The initial step is to establish the outline and framework of the character. We will then apply further details such as wrinkles and pores to give the character more realism.

We will apply textures to our character to make it stand out. We will start by generating clean UVs for our character in order to ensure efficient alignment of colors and textures. The next step is to transfer the details from a high-resolution mesh to a lower-resolution mesh and bake a texture map. We will create skin blemishes to add depth to our character and build a skin shader that will give our character a realistic appearance. Using Blender's hair system, we will demonstrate the process of designing hair for a character's head and body. The hair will be sculpted and shaped by creating geometry nodes.

We will rig the character to enhance its mobility and personality. We begin by establishing the skeleton structure, where we can alter individual joints in order to create any pose our character requires. Finally, we will use Photoshop or another 2D software to refine our character and integrate an attractive background.

The Anatomy and Character Creation course in Blender is suitable for users who want to create 3D characters with a human-like design. With this program, you will gain the skills necessary to create realistic and detailed characters. Develop your character creation abilities with the Victory3D course.

This course is intended for:

This course is designed for those who are struggling to create a believable, convincing character in their writing. Regardless of genre, this course offers complete guidance in all the vital aspects of developing a complex and three-dimensional character.


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