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40 Days to Positive Change with Kelly McGonigal

40 Days to Positive Change with Kelly McGonigal


When attempting to incorporate a positive new habit into your daily routine, it is often encountered with the reality that personal change can be quite challenging.

Permanently changing behavior requires more than just relying on personal determination. In reality, it should not be solitary pursuit at all. Consistent intentions, encouragement, and regular small rewards are necessary to reinforce the benefits of new habits.

Kelly McGonigal created a new online program called 40 Days to Positive Change. This program guides you through the entire process of making a change, from choosing a habit to pursue to celebrating your success. Throughout your journey, she will provide guidance, support, and practical techniques to help you develop the inner resources necessary for maintaining a consistent routine of going to the gym, practicing meditation, and eating healthily each day.

By enrolling in 40 Days to Positive Change, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest research on behavioral change and delve into the various factors that strengthen new habits. We aim for 40 Days to Positive Change to become a reliable source of support that can help you adopt various positive new behaviors throughout your lifetime.


This program includes

The Complete Audio Teaching Curriculum includes a 10- to 15-minute audio teaching session for each day of your journey. You can keep these lessons forever. These sessions are designed to be engaged with in sequence, as they will guide you through the theory and applied process of successful positive change.

There will be two pre-recorded Q&A sessions with Kelly McGonigal, one of the premier authorities on the topic. Join us online for these sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity for students to interact with Kelly and ask her questions related to the course material.

During your journey, Kelly will provide guidance and practical exercises to help you initiate and internalize the change process. These practices can be applied multiple times as you develop new habits.

There are two bonus programs available to support your learning.

Bonus 1#

The book "Meditations to Change Your Brain" offers techniques to rewire neural pathways for personal transformation.

Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius, renowned researchers, offer a collection of meditations that explore the neuroplasticity of the brain.

Bonus 2#

The Science of Compassion explores a contemporary method for developing empathy, love, and connection.

In this full-length audio program, Kelly McGonigal presents the scientific evidence supporting the idea that cultivating compassion, for both others and oneself, can lead to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

What you’ll learn

Developing resilience and resolve enables individuals to effectively cope with setbacks and fully engage in the process of change.

You will receive ongoing encouragement to help you choose and stick to your new habit.

Learn about the importance of gratitude in initiating personal change with Kelly McGonigal's 40 Days to Positive Change.

Examine the most recent scientific studies on habit change, which delve into the mental and physical processes at play.

About Kelly McGonigal

Kelly McGonigal, PhD, is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University. She is a well-respected authority on the connection between the mind and body, incorporating current research from psychology, neuroscience, and medicine alongside contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion from Buddhist and yoga traditions. She has written The Willpower Instinct and Yoga for Pain Relief.

Who this course is for?

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in incorporating a beneficial and sustainable habit or behavior into their lives.

Are you prepared to take the necessary steps towards the change you need to make? I am looking forward to seeing you as we start this journey.


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